How to Spot a Weak Poker Player

2If you can spot a weak poker player online, then you can start working your game in a way that you are taking their chips from them without raising any suspicion. The issue that you have when betting online is that you can not see your opponents, so you have to develop the skills to be able to spot weakness other ways. The following information will shed some light on to how to quickly identify the weakest player to target.

Check Check Check
The weakest players will do anything to see the flop or the river card. If the hand is checked to them, even if they have a hand they check. If there is a minimum bet on the flop, they will can even if they are on a draw. The weak player wants to see that river because they are conditioned from watching online that they can give players a bad beat by sucking out. If you see this player checking or calling a minimum bet, put them to the test and bet bigger. make them call and then punish them with an all in when you want them to fold their hands.

Talk Talk Talk
The weaker players love complaining to anyone who will listen about how they get garbage cards. They use the poker online chat feature instead of watching other players or studying pot odds. they talk about bad beats, folds, and cards they have not been getting. Use the information they provide in the online chat to punish them further. if they just complained about a bad beat, then drop an all in bet on them at the river and get them thinking they just got beat again. They will fold decent hands for fear of another bad beat being handed to them this round.


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